Are you visiting the Toronto area any time soon, and are looking to fill your itinerary with fun and exciting activities and attractions that don’t necessarily cost a bundle? Or do you already live in or around the GTA, and are trying to come up with a fun family day trip with your loved ones and friends on a budget? If so, consider a trek to the magnificent Niagara area, home to one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders. Rather than driving out there on your own, and coming up with your own itinerary, consider taking a cheap Niagara day tour with a reputable tour operator!

Exhilarating Attractions in Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Tours

The Falls themselves are an incredible sight to see. With millions of gallons of water roaring over the river’s edge, the sight is one that people from all over the world come to marvel at. Getting up close to the mighty falls can even be considered aboard a boat tour!

Aside from the Falls themselves, other attractions you will want to visit while on an organized day tour, include:

Smallest Chapel in the World – This quaint little chapel is on route to Niagara Falls, and is so small that it barely seats 10 people!

Skylon Tower – Get an unrivalled view of the Falls and the surrounding area atop the famous Skylon Tower at the foot of the roaring waters!

Hydro-Electric Power Stations – Since 1882, hydroelectric plants in the Niagara area have been generating enough electricity to power up cities in both Canada and the US.

Clifton Hill – There is so much to see and do on Clifton Hill, including visiting wax museums, catching thrilling rides, dining at one of the vibrant eateries, and experiencing haunted houses! You could literally spend days on Clifton Hill and never get bored! It may be kitchy – but it sure is fun!